August 25, 2013

Hello, all!
It has most definitely been some time since the Archive was properly updated and I can say that as of today, August 25, it is now up to date. It took a week of combing through over 400 sources of information and changing the layout for a fresh look. But here we are, back up to speed and ready to continue providing you with all the Neon Trees news, reviews, video and more all in one spot for your convenience!

We have a preliminary announcement to make September 1st, so keep an eye out!
After that, roughly a week or so later, we will have a second important announcement to make, filling you in on the details of 9/1's news.

As always feel free to contact us for questions, comments, news or videos, etc that you want to see added to the Archive, or just to chat. You can find us on twitter @NTFTreeHuggers and on Facebook!

Here's to more Tree Hugger good times!


April 4, 2012:

Tree Huggers,

Spring is here and you know what's coming... That's right! Picture Show is, as of today, just 13 days away from being released into all of our hands! So with the changing of the season and to freshen and update the Archive's theme with Picture Show, we decided to remodel. 
Some features have been removed, some added, and some have been revamped in a more aesthetically pleasing way.
I condensed some pages as links on similar pages. Example is past tour dates can be found in a link at the bottom of the upcoming tour dates page. If there are any pages that I've taken links away for  (like the Live Videos page or the Other Fans page) and you want back on the main page, please tweet us or let us know on Facebook.
Also, we are traveling out to Los Angeles for the Troubadour pre-release show and we're doing something special with the fans attending. If you have tickets and plan on attending the show, email us to find out the details. If you find you forget to email us, no worries, we'll still be talking and getting people involved on location.
Speaking of Picture Show, have you all pre-ordered your special Moving in the Dark boxsets and/or Vinyl sets? What about a deluxe copy of the album? Get your orders in now before they sell out! Unfortunately, we found out from many international fans that outside North America, you're unable to order any of these pre-sale items.
We hope to meet many of you for the first time and see others again on tour this year!


January 30, 2012:

Hello, Tree Huggers!

Tashia of the Neon Trees fans: Tree Huggers here! I would like to say thank you to all of you for everything!
For working hard every day to help promote Neon Trees, voting for them online and requesting them on the radio. Neon Trees works hard and its by your enthusiasm and dedication that they can get their music out to everyone (including your neighbor, grandma, and the random dude on the street)!

I'd also like to thank all of you for helping spread the word of our recent charity auction that helped To Write Love On Her Arms! With both of our auctions full of fan-made and band-donated items, we raised $810.50 thanks to the two generous winners! And in addition, a very generous company agreed to match one of the winning bids, so an additional $355.50 went to TWLOHA for a total of $1,166.00!

Also, thanks for visiting our Archive. Whether it's just for the latest blog post about Neon Trees, a show review, or tour dates, we appreciate you take the time to visit and hope that you can find anything Neon Trees related here for reference. Our goal here at the Archive is to gather it all here for your enjoyment and to keep all of you updated on the latest Neon Trees news!

The Tree Huggers have been around for almost two years now, and the archive about a year and a half, and none of it would be around without the support of all the fans, and of course, the band members themselves. We hope that we can be around for a long time to bring support to the band and to keep all fans united.

Don't forget, respect each other and respect Tyler, Chris, Branden and Elaine. And their family and friends, of course. We're all a big family of maniacs and we're all on the same team. Love and support and understanding, always. Hate isn't allowed in this fandom!

We're always here for any questions you have, whether they're facts about the band, or things in general. Feel free to contact us! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter as @NTFTreeHuggers! This Archive is for you guys, so if you have things like news, interviews, videos, pictures or art that you want to submit and want posted, we will!

Keep everybody talking!

Much love and affection,
Neon Trees fans: Tree Huggers

November 1, 2011:

Hello, everyone!
Neon Trees is done touring for a few months, but we Tree Huggers are going to keep the love alive this winter with a very special event!
We will be having two special auctions to support the charity To Write Love On Her Arms this December. Through the month of November, we will be heavily promoting both auctions, which will run at the same time, and we ask that you help us spread the word!
Later this week, we'll be posting the details of the auctions, so mark your calendars, save your dollars and  you can have a chance at these unique items! Very generous Tree Huggers donated some amazing things and we also have some special surprise items that you'll all enjoy, too!
So get ready and go follow @TWLOHA on Twitter to show your support and make sure you're following us on Twitter, have Liked our Facebook page, and are following our Tumblr to keep updated with all news regarding the auctions. And of course, you can contact us any of those ways or email us if you have any questions, comments, etc.


More details on the auctions

April 26, 2011:

Tree Huggers!
Neon Trees has just finished their stint on the World Contamination Tour supporting My Chemical Romance! But if you didn't catch them then, don't worry! The band's headlining tour, the Surrender Tour, is right around the corner! Tour dates for this round are located on the tour page, per usual. And as always, the closest upcoming dates are in the right sidebar on every page of the Archive.
Speaking of touring, there's a new page that has customized promo fliers for each city (minus festivals, for now) on the Surrender Tour for all of you to print out and use to help spread the word that Neon Trees is coming to town. Don't limit yourself to just your area. Go to the towns surrounding you as well. You can also post the image online everywhere you can think of. However the method, make sure you let people know! You'd be surprised how many people never realize a band is in town/coming to town until the day after

If you're interested in meeting up with me and other Tree Huggers the day of/before a show, I will be attending the Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis shows, so just contact me via Twitter

That's all the news I have for now! As always, if you have any questions, comments, etc, just go to the contact page and let us know!


March 27, 2011:
Hello, Tree Huggers!
I thought I'd let you all know when I plan on doing things on the site and when things change, so thus explains the birth of this page. You can look here if you think anything's new, been moved, etc. and all that information will be posted here.

Additionally, I'm giving the Archive another make-over. This makes the 3rd change (thus, 4th generation), and I hope that you all agree with me that with each change, the site looks better and better. My goal is to find a layout that is easy to read, easy to find everything, and looks nice. Any thoughts, comments or concerns regarding the changes can be left as comments here or emailed to us.
If you want to always remember what the 3rd generation Archive looked like, here are some screencaps:

Thanks for the support everyone and I hope you like the new layout when it is swapped in!