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Here are some frequently asked questions and facts you'll need to know about the auction, which starts THIS SUNDAY! If your question isn't on this page, ask and we will provide an answer!

  • How long does the auction last?
    • The auction will start December 1st and go until December 8th.
  • Where is the auction at?
    • The auction will be hosted on eBay. Links will be provided daily on Twitter, Facebook, and here at the Archive.
  •  Who is getting the money?
    • All profits, 100%, earned from this event are going towards the charity Autism Speaks.
  • I really just want that one awesome item in the auction, not the rest. Can I pay you just for that?
    • Nope. Everything is bundled together for a reason. These items are a thank you for the persons who are willing to donate the most money to Autism Speaks.
  • I want to help donate money but the auction isn't my style. What can I do?
    • There are many other ways to donate to the charity. You can donate money or time directly through their website, or you can email us about donating through us in the auction's name.
  • Can you tell me the deal with the auction? What can I expect?
    • We have decided to split the items into three smaller auctions. Two are big tickets that will start at a higher bidding price and the third will be a more economical package starting at a smaller bid price.
    • When you place a bid on one or more auctions, you are committing to pay the sum agreed upon when the auction ends. There is no backing out! Make sure you have the money!
  • Is shipping free?
    • No, not at this time. But if we can get the total sum raised to a great amount, I will consider paying the shipping myself.
  • I live outside the US/Canada. Can I bid?
    • Yes, you can. But there will absolutely be no free shipping outside the US if the great sum is reached. And the shipping may be pricey, so be warned.
  • Can I tell my friends and family about it? They LOVE Neon Trees!
    • Absolutely! Tell EVERYONE! We want to raise a lot of money for Autism Speaks!
  • Do I need a PayPal account?
    • Yes. Getting an account is easy and free.

If your question hasn't been answered here, feel free to ask us here on this post, on Twitter or Facebook, or email us!


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