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In case you haven't already heard, (and if you haven't where have you been?!?), we are having another charity auction this winter to give back to the world. Auctioning off a lot of incredible Neon Trees items, fan-made, official merch, and more, to support Autism Speaks!
Want to know the gist of the auction? Click here to see our original post
We have been introducing items one or two at a time so that you can know just what's being offered. We want to give you a recap in case you've missed the last few weeks of posts and sneak peaks!

Item #1:

A Moving in the Dark boxset View Finder! Has snapshots from the band while shooting for Picture Show!

Item(s) #2:

Three black bracelets that each feature different words, but all carry the iconic heart with wings design.
One reads "Tree Hugger", another "Neon Trees" and the final "Neon Trees Addict." Lettering is fun and colorful
and each bracelet has Velcro fastenings to accommodate just about every fan!

This medium sized black canvas bag is studded to be punk just like Tyler and 
features the iconic heart with wings logo all Neon Trees fans are familiar with! Straps are adjustable 
and the bag + design are sturdy!

Item #3:

That's right! We have a Neon Trees limited edition Blazar in our auction package! This special wireless Bluetooth speaker, customized by Tyler, can be yours if you are the highest bidder!

Item #4:

That's right! We have each of the LP singles that have been released! On the left is the 10" blue "Animal" single with a backside of "Calling My Name" (featured on the Start A Fire EP!)! On the right, we have the exclusive Record Store Day edition heart-shaped vinyl of "Everybody Talks" with the backside playing "Lessons in Love"! 

We will release more items in the next two weeks, as we have more donations coming in all the time! This auction lot promises to have great items to interest any fan! We are looking forward to being able to raise money for Autism Speaks this year, so make sure if you want in, save your pennies!

If you are interested in helping the cause of Autism Speaks in ways other than the auction, please contact us and we will tell you more!


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