8:25 PM
In 2011, we decided to give back to the world and put on two special charity auctions online to raise money for the charity To Write Love On Her Arms. Our auctions included fan-made items such as t-shirts, a NT themed purse, portraits of each band member, and jewelry, as well as items that were donated by the band, like a signed and doodled drum head and set lists.

The good news? We are bringing the auction back this year!

We are working hard on items to include in this year's thank you gifts, gathering many types from all ends of the spectrum. The most important thing is that 100% of the auction donation goes to charity! The items are just a thank you from us and the donating sponsors.
We will give more details on items as they are finalized.

The charity, as of right now, is still undecided. We want to hear from all of you on which charity we should give the donation to this year. So please, comment on this post, tweet us, comment on our Facebook, email us, whatever form of communication you use; let us know where you'd like to see the money go. We will pick the charity towards the end of September.

We are really looking forward to giving back to the world this year once again and we are looking forward to seeing everyone participate!

Last time, we raised around $1200, so let's do just as well or better this year! Save your pennies and keep your eyes peeled for more announcements!