8:04 PM
Have you guys heard? Blazar is the word!

Tyler teamed up with the Beacon Audio crew to design a custom, Limited Edition Neon Trees themed run of their new speaker, the Blazar!

Here's what Beacon's Kickstarter page has to say:

When it comes to neon, more is better. We worked with Tyler to stylize the NT Blazar after some of his signature neon leather moto jackets. With a bright neon shell and a leather, studded branding detail, his Blazar takes it over the top.
The Neon Trees Blazars are ONLY available through the Kickstarter campaign, which ends in 6 days (September 1st!) So if you want one, head over and check out what's available and pledge now! 


If the LTD Blazar is beyond your budget, they also are offering standard silver and graphite versions of the Blazar.
If you want a taste of Neon Trees, they also have a special Kickstarter exclusive Neon Trees lyric shirt. It features lyrics from "Moving in the Dark."

Head over to the Kickstarter page for Beacon Audio's Blazar project now and grab up these limited edition items now!


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