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Hello, Tree Huggers and every other Neon Trees fan out there!
Tis the season and I wanna see all of you get creative this week, so I have a small challenge for everyone!

We all know the typical, traditional holiday songs. Especially ones like The 12 Days of Christmas. What I want you guys and gals to do is make your own version of that song! A 12 Days of Neon Trees, if you will. (You're also totally welcome to call it something better if you can come up with it, lol).

Here are some guidelines to remember as you spill your glittery holiday guts for us to see:
1) It must have the band's name, 'Neon Trees' in it at least once. This seems 'duh', but I just want to be clear. It is a Neon Trees themed song, after all.
2) You have to do all 12 days. If you want to do more days (up to 25), feel free. But Iet's hope you're creative enough for that extra challenge.
3) In terms of any censorship, etc., just keep it at PG13-ish. I'm not going to start a pervy contest. Well... Nah.
4) Be respectful of the band members, their families, and others involved with NT if you choose to mention them.
5) Have fun; be creative! Get funny, sweet, punny, etc. Just go for it! You don't know if you don't try! Better to try than do nothing at all!

Due date is Christmas Eve, December 24th, at NOON (Pacific Time).
Winner will be announced December 27th. I will email the winner and also tweet/archive/Facebook their name and the winning submission.
Depending on the number of entries, I will archive them all for reading.

Winner gets a custom made Neon Trees ornament (just like the ones featured on the Wish List single cover art!) (Filled with the photos of your choice) courtesy of Jennifer Trainor ( @jbtrainor)!
Second prize is a Neon Trees poster!

Please email your submissions to neontreesfans@gmail.com. Include your first name & last initial, your Twitter name (if applicable) and, if you wish your name not to be posted if you win or we post your submission in the Archive, a pen name. If you absolutely do not want yours posted (unless you win then it will be, regardless), please include this after your personal info in the email. In the subject line, please put "12 Days of Neon Trees Contest."

If you don't follow these submission guidelines above, including the 'rules', you may not be eligible to win. Winner will have two days to contact us about mailing their prize. If you don't respond in time, we pick new winners. Winners will be informed when their prizes will be shipped. All private information shared will stay that way--private.
If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to tweet @NTFTreeHuggers or write on our Facebook wall or comment on this post.

Good luck, everyone and I can't wait to see everyone's creativity!
Tree Hugger Tashia :)


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