9:26 PM


Neon Trees are a combination of slick pop hooks and sturdy organic rock. Their Mercury Records debut, Habits, (on sale at Amazon.com for just $3.99 here: http://idj.to/c8ChY4) is a blast of timeless rock energy and spirit that wouldn’t sound out of place at any point from ‘60s garage-rock to 2010 dance rock.

The band is turning to Creative Allies for our first custom skateboard design contest. Use the album name "Habits" as a starting point for your submission and let your imagination take over. Avoid the obvious Neon and Tree references. All you need to include is the band's name in your design. Dig into the band's website, music and videos to get a feel for their artistic vibe: http://fameisdead.com
[To get all the details on this awesome contest, visit CreativeAllies.com]


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