11:17 PM
Clothing On the Road

Hello! I'm Tyler from the band Neon Trees. (That's me with the silver bowtie.)
It's a fun and sometimes interesting challenge to be on the road and take your closet. In fact, it's almost impossible, especially when you're a band in a van, but still want to maintain your sense of style.

I'm kind of a grab bag when I dress. I'm probably a mix of Gossip Girl's Jenny Humphrey and Chuck Bass. Sometimes a bowtie and tailored suitcoat, sometimes a long tank and leather style jacket, but always incredibly tight black skinny pants, with the zippers at the ankle to ensure the tightness.

I don't care what anyone has to say on the topic -- the tight pants are the best for a live show. They let me do the high kicks and the running around I desire live. Plus, once you go tight, you never go back.

I tend to be more of a tailored punk look. I love old vintage jackets from different decades and combining them with cheap threads. A 12 dollar pair of black jeans at Forever 21 serve the purpose, and if I rip a hole in the knee, or a less desirable area, I can get another pair quickly. I think the most crucial things in my closet are rad jackets and coats, and radical shoes. 


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