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With well-enunciated vocals, a wealth of pop hooks and  heavy melody lines, it’s easy to fall in love with. With their newly released debut , the band merges  with  in songs about sexual-longing.  comparison might not be that great of a surprise considering they group first picked up buzz when the Vegas rockers took Neon Trees out on tour for a few dates.
Radio single, “Animal,” gives a good taste into the band’s character. Musically, they start with a hooky intro with big drums and a great cue for clapping along. When  enters with the vocals, he spirals down the scale, while singing the lines, “Here we go again,” before singing about the routine anguish of falling for someone and being willing to accept any form of love you can get even if it will end in pain or be emotionally unrequited. And just as he says, with the “Here we go again,” this does become  a theme on the . For example, in “Love and Affection,” he sings, “I just don’t understand why my love isn’t good enough.” This  is called,” so a theme of bad love decisions is appropriate. “Animal” also has some of the best lyrical presentation on the . At one point, Glenn sings, “You’re killing me now,” but when he gets to “now,” he breaks it into “n-owwww.” By doing this it is like he is saying the “owwww” like he really is in pain.
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